About Geneva Business School in association with Afaq Institute

Geneva Business School (GBS) in association with Afaq Institute is a leading Swiss Business School with an international approach, dedicated to preparing world leaders. GBS encourages students to develop their full academic potential and excellence.

Our students enjoy average class sizes, enabling a beneficial, personal interaction with faculty members. All students can benefit from the learning opportunities available through business & research projects.

The real strength of GBS lies within its privileged insights into the real world of business, alongside the ability to enable access to an extensive international network.

Ultimately, we at GBS, are confident that each student graduates with effective managerial skills and international business knowledge to ensure success as a "FUTURE LEADER" managing "REAL BUSINESS"


The Geneva Business School in association with Afaq Institute is committed to higher education, operates under the direction of a strategic committee compound by five members. The administrators, faculty, staff, and students of the University, are committed to excellence in education.

It carries out its mission by assembling a faculty team having high academic and professional standards.

The University is dedicated to the preparation of student in two fields in the arts and sciences: business administration and banking & finance.

A major commitment exists to provide educational services for the larger national and international community, especially graduate education for mature students.

To encourage students to develop their unique potential and to become quickly productive member of society, the University seeks to provide an appropriate academic and social environment. Moreover, the University attempts to responds to the needs of its students through administrative services, teaching, scholarship and research.

The primary mission of Geneva Business School is to prepare students, both undergraduate and graduate, for careers with increasing professional and managerial responsibility in business and finance. Undergraduate students also are prepared for admission to graduate programs in business, and finances: private banking, corporate finance or banking and insurance.

Consistent with the mission of The Geneva Business School as a teaching institution, the business program is committed to the intellectual growth of its students through classroom instruction. All other activities within the University are in support of that primary aspect of the overall mission. Memory thesis, paper research, service to the University is encouraged as a means of improving teaching excellence and the learning process.

Highly experienced professionals instruct courses. We consider this as one of our major strengths. Their effectiveness is constantly monitored and evaluated by means of student interviews and course evaluation forms, filled out by students at the end of each course.


  • To build a good corporate relationship so as to provide quality education to the students.
  • To develop a caring business school culture with creative and exciting learning processes.
  • To deliver teaching and facilitate learning of the highest quality.
  • To maintain and further develop an efficient incentive structure and well-run service functions which will sup-port the academic priorities of the university.
  • To enhance further and continuing education, for instance by the supply and organization master programs.
  • To foster an exciting intellectual environment by providing opportunities for more dialogue and engagement.
  • To create and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence in all academic units.
  • To promote premium quality education as a foundation for academic and life success.
  • To strengthen support for and recognition of important interdisciplinary areas, while ensuring excellence in disciplines as a foundation.
  • To strengthen the capacity of graduate and professional programs to recruit and educate a diverse body of the very best students.